By now you are all accustomed to the cliche BRZ or that conversations. I am very much going through this scenario in actuality though. Three months ago I lost my Mustang GT due to some black ice and a concrete median, and so began my search for a replacement enthusiast's car. The car has to be able to seat 4 people as I have a 4 year old to consider, yet does not have to be my family hauler as I have a Chevy Equinox as a company car. I do occasional track days so a car that is affordable for pads discs, etc is important as well. In my months of searching I came down to this: a brand new BRZ Limited or a 2011 328i sedan with a manual transmission, no iDrive, heated seats or Bluetooth with 18k miles and the certified warranty. Now I am truly at a cross roads. One has far more practicality, the other is more visceral. One better for cruising the other for back road blasting. Yet I think both drive very similarly and provide just as much satisfaction behind the wheel. So what say you Jalops?